By: Serge Guenette

Would you pass on a perfect home if...?


Would you pass on a perfect home if it doesn’t meet your dog’s needs?

As a realtor, I will meet clients who are planning to buy their first or next home — and it must be perfect not only for themselves but for their furry friends, too. Key factors include, but not limited to: large, fenced yards; nearby dog parks and walking paths; even dog washing stations!

Deluxe amenities for their furry friend are on top of their list. These things are important because dogs really do become a part of our family.

But what if you’re at the stage where you’re still considering getting a dog? Dogs make wonderful companions, but they aren’t for everyone. The first thing you need to consider is whether you have the time, resources and space — either in your home now or in a home you’re thinking of buying — to properly care for a dog.

Will you be able to give it a good walk every day? Can you afford the vet bills? And will a dog work with your lifestyle?

If you absolutely KNOW a dog is right for you, one of the most humane things you can do is adopt a rescue dog. Area shelters can get stretched caring for homeless dogs — and in the aftermath of last week’s storm the Ottawa Humane Society in particular was taxed mightily, having lost power for two days — and there are often more pets to be adopted than there are families to take them.

Adopting a rescue pet also helps reduce the population of homeless animals and helps combat the problem of puppy mills.

The most well-known local rescue organization is the Ottawa Humane Society, but there are also others in the area, including the SPCA of Western Quebec, Ottawa Dog Rescue, Navan Animal Rescue and Freedom Dog Rescue.

If you’re going to adopt, the Ontario SPCA offers the following 10 adoption tips

And the SPCA of Western Quebec recommends you consider these things before adopting.

After all that, enjoy welcoming your new pet into your family!