By: Serge Guenette

Tips for Selling at Christmas


Selling during the holiday season can be stressful, but worth it. Holiday buyers tend to be more serious when beginning their search in the winter months and there is less competition in the market during this season. If you are considering selling now, here are six tips to follow to get your home prepared:

  • NO. 1: MAKE OVER YOUR HOME: You only get one chance to make a first impression, the saying goes. And first impressions when entering a home are important. Touching up paint on the walls, de-cluttering, and making your home look cosy can help people feel more welcome. Light and airy rooms can catch a buyer’s attention; try moving around furniture, adjusting the light, and making a room more spacious to allow your home to become more appealing for those viewing it. (If you need help with this, staging is one of the services we provide to our clients.)

  • NO. 2: PRICE IT TO SELL: Pricing for the market is also important. A home that is priced to sell will be more appealing to buyers. Consider pricing your home appropriately when you first list, rather than adopting the strategy of starting high and gradually reducing the price to help catch buyer interest.

  • NO. 3: BE PATIENT: Buyers searching for a house in December are likely more serious with their house hunting than those searching at other times of the year. Although you may have fewer viewings during this time, they will likely be prospective buyers who are more genuine and interested in purchasing. Be patient during this process and if selling doesn’t happen during the holidays, there is always time in the new year, particularly in Ottawa’s hot market.

  • NO. 4: CURB APPEAL IS KEY: Check out the exterior of your home now that the leaves have fallen and bare trees are exposing more of your home. Cleaning out your gutters and checking for areas that need sprucing up will make a big difference. Also, keep ice melt for walkways handy and make sure snow is removed at all times. This not only ensures safety for visitors, but also to make your home more welcoming and tells potential buyers that your home is one that’s cared for.

  • NO. 5: TAKE PERFECT REAL ESTATE PHOTOS: With unpredictable weather during the winter in Ottawa, most buyers will begin their search for their new home online by browsing through listings and photos. Make the best first impression with high-quality and bright photos of your home, showing its potential. And if you have them, providing photos of your home’s exterior in the summer and spring can help buyers visualize what it will look like year-round.

  • NO. 6: DECORATE FOR CHRISTMAS WITH RESTRAINT: Adding a touch of Christmas to your home will make it feel comfortable and warm, but it’s important to make sure you don’t overdo things. Too many decorations can make your home feel crowded and distract buyers from seeing the house without the decorations. But including a Christmas tree and subtle festive decorations can add the perfect touch when selling during the holiday season.