By: Serge Guenette

Great Dog Parks


Ottawa’s dog parks are a great way to get out, get some exercise and let your pup socialize with other dogs. If you’ve been feeling house-bound this summer, a visit to an off-leash dog park will let you continue to practice physical distancing while enjoying the outdoors. Here are five to try.

  1. Bruce Pit Dog Park: Located in Nepean, the Bruce Pit Dog Park has a large off-leash open area for your dog to exercise and play. Bruce Pit also offers a 3.3-kilometre loop trail around the park so you can walk your dog through the forest and take a break from interacting in the park. Location: 175 Cedarview Rd.

  2. Conroy Pit Dog Park: Located near the Greenbelt in the south end, Conroy Pit Dog Park is another off-leash park experience where your dog can play and exercise. Being close to the Greenbelt, you can also find on-leash walking trails to take your dog to if you are hoping for more of a walking adventure. Location: Conroy Road south of Hunt Club.

  3. Tech Wall Dog Park: If you are looking for a park right downtown, the fenced-in Tech Wall Dog Park is a perfect spot to check out. Although on the smaller side, it offers a beautiful graffiti backdrop that is great for taking photos with your pup. Location: 551 Laurier Ave. W.

  4. McNabb Dog Park: For something a little quieter in the core, the smaller McNabb Dog Park in Chinatown offers a fenced-in open area for your dog to enjoy. Location: Bronson and Gladstone avenues.

  5. Apollo Crater Park: In Orléans, you can find a very large, green, open dog park that is in an old crater. This bowl-shaped area is great for letting your four-legged friends run freely with other dogs, as it is a fully off-leash park. Location: 600 Apollo Way.

Socializing our furry friends at dog parks around Ottawa will give them a chance to learn how to interact with other dogs and listen to their owner, while still letting them get the exercise and play time they need.

Before heading to an off-leash park, make sure you trust your dog will be safe with other owners and dogs while off leash and that they will listen to your commands. If your dog hasn’t socialized with other dogs before, keep them on a leash to approach other dogs before removing it in off-leash parks.