By: Serge Guenette



Date nights are a great way to de-stress, reconnect and relax together while enjoying each other’s company. But having to stay home during the COVID-19 pandemic means you may need to rethink your date night options.

And being together already day and night — a circumstance many of us are temporarily living — while having to follow restrictions on where and how you can venture out, can make it difficult to put things aside and focus on yourselves as a couple for an evening.

To make it a little easier for you and your partner, we’ve come up with a list of at-home date night ideas to consider. If it isn’t possible to get away from the kids for a night, all of these activities could be turned into a night for everyone to enjoy.

  1. Dinner and a movie: This classic date night idea is an easy way to have a romantic night in. Put on some fancier clothing, light some candles, and play your favourite music playlist to make it feel like you are out. Prepare both of your favourite dishes together — just as if you’ve ordered in a restaurant — then cuddle up on the couch for a movie you’ve both been hoping to watch.

  2. Game night challenge: Disconnect for the evening and enjoy a classic game night. Grab the board games and unwind by challenging each other without the distraction of phones or the television. Don’t have any board games? You can always grab a puzzle or create homemade quick games to play together like Hangman or Tic-Tac-Toe while enjoying some time on the couch.

  3. Exercise together: Have you been getting a little lazy at home? Why not get up off the couch and head outside together. From a backyard workout (tip: use YouTube videos to lead you), to a walk at the local park, or a bike ride through the city, head outdoors and get moving. If you prefer something less strenuous, yoga and meditation activities are also a way to relax, connect with each other and stay active.

  4. Plan your dream vacation together: Even though we can’t travel right now, you can still plan that dream vacation, giving you something to look forward to once restrictions end. Compile a list of your dream vacation spots and compare them to your partner’s list. If there are any places that match up, start to do some research into what that vacation could look like. From hotels to expeditions, plan your itinerary for the trip and get excited for when it’s possible to head out on your next adventure.

  5. Paint and sip night: This activity, whether you are artistic or not, can be fun for both of you to enjoy. Prepare by finding a paint night video online that you can follow along with, grab some paint, paintbrushes and canvas (you can order online or visit a local craft store), and then enjoy a painting session together.