By: Serge Guenette



Comfort and reimagining spaces to feel more usable and organized are — perhaps not surprisingly — the themes of 2021 design and decor trends. With more people glued to their homes thanks to the pandemic, creating the most comfortable home environment has become a top priority for easier learning, working and living.

Here are five top trends taking over the decor world for 2021.

  1. Pantone colour vibe: This year’s Pantone colours are Ultimate Gray and a yellow called Illuminating, which, when used together, create an uplifting, yet solid feel. The two colours are quite different from one another, but they add a warming sense of optimism to a space. (The Pantone Color Institute, if you didn’t know, is an industry leader when it comes to colour in design, fashion and more.) If you are hoping to add these trendy colours into your space, try imagining them as fresh paint colours for an accent wall or even simply in new throw pillows for the bedroom or living room.

  2. Indoor plants and gardens: Houseplants have long been a rejuvenating accent to a home, but their popularity has exploded recently, thanks to social media influencers, while creating indoor gardens has become a more recent trend that goes beyond a pot of fresh herbs in the window. Bringing a bit of the outdoors in can boost moods, improve indoor air quality and add colour and texture to any room.

  3. Smart lighting: The list of smart devices available for homes is growing every year. This trend helps us to connect all of our home devices together and make our rooms more interactive. By connecting your home devices to an Amazon Alexa or Google Assist platform, you can use voice commands to adjust lighting to fit the mood and make your lighting more personal to your space. Smart bulbs, switches and plugs have options to dim your lights, be set on timers, and adjust in colour depending on which you use.

  4. Multi-functional spaces: With most of us having to live, work and play from home in the past year, rethinking different rooms and creating or adjusting workspaces became an important topic. Multi-functional spaces, specifically in small homes and apartments, has become a necessary design focus to utilize the space available and make it as efficient as possible. This is a trend that will continue throughout 2021.

  5. Sustainable furniture: Sustainability continues to trend upwards every year and with that we are seeing more sustainable options coming into the world of decor and furniture. Many are beginning to shift away from big-box furniture stores and focus more on local companies selling certified sustainable pieces of higher quality that are enviro-friendly, even if the price is more. Consider grabbing yourself a sustainable piece to add to your home and make your impact on the environment a positive one.